“...that I may gain Christ and be found in him...”—Philippians 3:8-9, NIV1984

Monday, August 13, 2012

Of Fear and Food

12 And next to him among the three mighty men was Eleazar the son of Dodo, the Ahohite.  13 He was with David at Pas-dammim when the Philistines were gathered there for battle. There was a plot of ground full of barley, and the men fled from the Philistines.  14 But he took his stand in the midst of the plot and defended it and killed the Philistines. And the Lord saved them by a great victory.—1 Chronicles 11:12-14, ESV.
There’s a life lesson here. Never stand between a man and his food! While I say that as a joke, Eleazar probably cared about his own hunger and that of his fellow soldiers. Yet, I think that the most important lesson here is, that while everyone else was fearful of his enemy and ran, Eleazar trusted the Lord, being confident that God wanted him to win this battle. And that is just it. As believers, we have every reason to be confident that God wants us to be victorious over every spiritual battle within and without.

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